Witches (working title)

Chapter One The witch stepped quickly but quietly between the humans that couldn’t see her as she walked down the London street. She didn’t have to be invisible to them mind you, but sometimes, with her job, getting out of the Inquisitorial Office and not just disappearing into the crowd, but disappearing even from the [...]

On the Women in Avengers: Endgame

So, first off: ******* MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD *******              Right, with that done, let’s talk Avengers: Endgame and the women in it. Firstly, I have to say I really quite enjoyed this film, for all that my enjoyment has lessened over the past week since I saw it, as I [...]


The blood ran off both her blades and dripped to the churned earth beneath her feet as she panted heavily. It coated her hands, dried in patches as she tried to recall how long she had been fighting. Minutes, hours, days. Time had stopped really meaning anything some time ago, and there was only the [...]

This is us …

I honestly hesitated in thinking of writing something substantive beyond analytical tweets, because really, this is just my own blog and I don’t really have a national media platform, and also, who needs the reckons of yet another white person on what happened on Friday. However, on the other hand, standing up to the racism [...]

On Technology and Work

Image source Yesterday I attended an all-day single-track conference on the future-of/changes-in the nature of ‘work’ in Wellington. Naturally, it had a big technological component throughout the day, as of course the major changes in work that we can expect over the coming years do involve technology. There was a section of the day (late [...]